David L. Johnson

President and CEO

Latoya Botteron

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Lori LeRoy

Executive Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Elizabeth Anderson

Manager of Administration and Compliance

Raquel Bahamonde

Director of Communications

Brenda Bratton

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO and CFO/COO

Robert (Bob) Byrnes

Financial Controller

Lauren Clark

Manager of IT Operations

Traysa Guerrero

Accounts Payable Manager

Erika Karle

Accounts Receivable and Grant Compliance Manager

Mary Lach-Blake

Senior Manager of Human Resources

Cinthya La Rosa

Director of Operations and Compliance

Elizabeth Lerch

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Nathan Ringham

Director of Research and Insights

Melissa Roberts

Senior Director of Engagement

Cathy Roth

HR Coordinator and Operations Manager

Julie Routt

Senior Program and Membership Manager

Theresa Tetrault

Director of Finance


Mitch Frazier

President and CEO, Agrinovus Indiana

Jason Kloth

President and CEO, Ascend Indiana

Fred Cartwright

President and CEO, Conexus Indiana

Mike Langellier

President and CEO, TechPoint

Patty Martin

President and CEO, Biocrossroads

Paul Mitchell

President and CEO, Energy Systems Network