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The businesses that drive our success might not be ones that you’ve considered – or even heard of. But they’re looking for people like you. Explore the industries, companies, and jobs that drive our economy and might be just what you’re looking for.

Industries driving Indiana’s future

Life Sciences

You like helping people. You’re interested in science, in biology, in tech. You want to make it possible for people to live healthier lives. The life science industry is where you’ll find the right job.

Indiana’s life sciences industry includes companies big and small in areas with a human health focus. There are pharmaceutical and drug makers and medical device and equipment manufacturers. Research, testing, and medical laboratories help accelerate discovery and health information technology improves the patients’ care.

The average wage in the life sciences industry—$108,800—is twice the average wage per person in the private sector.


You know that feeding people is a huge undertaking. You’re passionate about improving plant and animal health and the health of the environment. You’re interested in what’s at work in our fields and farms and how to use science and technology.

Agbioscience is where food, agriculture, science, and technology converge—the kind of dynamic sector that thrives in Indiana. These kinds of companies need innovative people to help feed our communities and preserve the natural resources of the world. And while they need up-and-coming engineers and future farmers, they also need lawyers, administrators, and salespeople, too.

Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics

You love making things. Hands-on is how you learn best. You find satisfaction in putting together the schedule, how to get from here to there, the steps it will take to accomplish your goal.

Our manufacturing and logistics industry is Indiana’s superpower you’ve likely never even thought about. From making automobiles to chocolates and moving all of it across the world, these businesses make up about a third of Indiana’s economy. And the kinds of jobs they offer just might be the kind of job you want. High-tech, high-wage, hands-on, and opportunities for on-the-job training—with or without a college degree.


You see technology as a crucial part of the solutions to so many of today’s problems. Hardware, software, coding—if it comes naturally to you, you can find a place to use it to make the world a little better. You’re always looking for ways to make programs work better, safer, or more efficiently—even if that means creating your solution and start-up to launch it.

If you’re interested in translating your ease with digital technology into a job, you can find the kinds of internships—and even externships—that get you to where you want to be. Indiana’s tech sector is big and growing — with more than 9,000 tech companies across the state. And each one needs people who can talk fluently about technology to market, sell, and support the teams creating it—so don’t write it off if you’re not a developer yourself.

Talent & Workforce Development

You’re interested in working with a great team. You’ve got a particular set of skills and you’re looking to join the right team—but you’re not sure what that might be. Being a part of something that can make a difference sounds great.

When you want a job with great pay, great benefits, and room to grow—Indiana’s talent and workforce development professionals can show you where to find it. They connect you to the kinds of training, apprenticeships, networks, and mentoring opportunities that can get you where you want to go.

Still not convinced you can find the job for your dream life in Indiana?

Explore companies on the leading edge of industries you may have never considered—the right job for you might just be a connection away.

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Ok, there are great jobs. But how do you get one?

We’re here to help you find the right resources, programs, and job boards so you can find the right job for the life you want—right here in Indiana.

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Find the Right Resources.

Ascend Indiana and EmployIndy – Modern Apprenticeship Program

A three-year program designed to prepare Marion County high school students for the workforce

Learn More


A program for adults and high school students to learn about and prepare for manufacturing jobs through classroom work and hands-on simulations.

Learn More

Adult Apprenticeship

An 8-to-12 week boot camp for job seekers that meet certain requirements and have some work experience.

Learn More

Job Board – Agbiosciences

A job board where food, agriculture, science, and technology converge.

Learn More

Ascend Network

An online platform connecting to jobs, internships, and training in Indiana.

Learn More


TechPoint’s full-time paid internship program that places 200+ students with Indiana tech employers.

Learn More

Job Board - Tech

The largest job board dedicated solely to jobs in tech in the state of Indiana.

Learn More

Student Industries

An in-school entrepreneurial business for high schoolers, managed and run by students throughout the year.

Learn More

Field Atlas

A career exploration platform to feed the world, protect the planet, and improve lives.

Learn More


A remote or hybrid summer program for late high school to early college students to experience what it’s like to work in tech.

Learn More

Advancing Equity through Tech

A program that connects African American Hoosiers to high-tech careers.

Learn More

Careers in Tech

A resource for people interested in learning about pathways.

Learn More

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