BioCrossroads launches 2019 Annual Report

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Indiana’s life sciences industry keeps evolving, expanding and making new discoveries. The 2019 BioCrossroads Annual Report outlines how companies made acquisitions and invested in their local operations; new organizations opened facilities in Indiana, bringing innovation and hundreds of new jobs to the landscape; and start-ups received venture funding to move their products forward. The result is a vibrant and growing Indiana life sciences sector that is 2,157 companies and 56,575 people strong. [READ MORE]

Indiana Life Sciences Sector Leading Charge to Defeat COVID-19

2021-01-12T16:51:37-05:00March 31, 2020|

Inside Indiana Business Perspectives by Patty Martin, president and CEO, BioCrossroads It’s a familiar saying that trying times bring out the best in people. These are those trying times. Indiana is indeed fortunate to have such a thriving life sciences sector (2,100 companies with 56,000 employees) at this moment in history. These are companies and people uniquely trained by their profession and experience to throw punches at COVID-19. Since the start of this fight, there has been no shortage of Hoosier life sciences firms willing to jump in the ring and start swinging. [READ MORE]

BioCrossroads announces DataX BioInnovation Challenge winners

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INDIANAPOLIS (March 27, 2020) –BioCrossroads today announced the winners of their DataX BioInnovation Challenge, a competition where innovators used data sets to identify and investigate a hypothesis aimed at improving two Indiana health issues – diabetes and opioid abuse. The Challenge was created to intersect life sciences and data research and encourage new ways of investigating traditional disease biology and public health outcomes’ questions. Founded on the premise that asking critical questions can leverage publicly available data sets, the Challenge sought to foster new solutions. Indiana Poison Center at IU Health won the diabetes challenge with a prize of $10,000. Their experiment is focused on the unintentional ingestion of Type II diabetes oral medications which can cause devastating hypoglycemia in children and adults. They will determine exposure rates of unintentional type II diabetes medications in both children and adults, as [...]

Indiana’s life sciences industry continues to grow; Number of companies and workforce rank state as one of top five in U.S.

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INDIANAPOLIS (March 24, 2020) -- Indiana’s life sciences industry keeps evolving, expanding, and making new discoveries. In 2019, companies made acquisitions and invested in their local operations; new organizations opened facilities in Indiana, bringing innovation and hundreds of new jobs to the landscape; and start-ups received venture funding to move their products forward. The result is a vibrant and growing Indiana life sciences sector. The sector showed notable growth in several areas as it continues to compete with coastal hubs in the size of its workforce, number of companies and productivity. Now 2,1571 companies and 56,5751 people strong (increases over previous years), the state continues to rank as one of the five most concentrated life sciences states in the United States. For the ninth straight year, Indiana is ranked as the second highest exporter of life sciences products in the U.S with more than $10.5 billion2 in exports, according to [...]

BioCrossroads is supported by a $2.9 million grant from Lilly Endowment to advance the growth and awareness of life sciences in Indiana through 2021

2021-04-05T16:47:43-04:00March 4, 2020|

INDIANAPOLIS (March 4, 2020) – BioCrossroads has announced a two-year, $2.9 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Foundation for the continued support of the charitable, educational and scientific activities of BioCrossroads. BioCrossroads, an initiative of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, promotes the growth and development of life sciences in Indiana. Since its founding in 2002, it has supported strategies to strengthen Indiana’s existing corporate and university capabilities in the life sciences and has expanded opportunities in the sector by encouraging new business development. “The accelerated pace of science and technology is quickly changing the life sciences ecosystem in Indiana and across the globe,” said Patty Martin, president and CEO of BioCrossroads. “It’s critical for BioCrossroads to continue increasing our capacity for progress in this space through connecting collaborators, investing in innovative companies and educating Hoosiers about [...]

BioCrossroads releases new report on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence focused on Indiana’s industry needs and university capabilities

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INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 16, 2020) – BioCrossroads today released a new report from TEConomy Partners titled Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics in Indiana:  An Initial Discussion of Industry Needs and University Capabilities. TEConomy conducted a series of interviews with major employers in Indiana along with leadership at Indiana University (IU), Purdue University (Purdue) and the University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame) to generate their findings, perspectives and recommendations.  The study finds that technological change is affecting our economy at an unprecedented pace and is driving significant investments by Indiana’s industry partners and research universities to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve.  However, there is limited coordination between industry and academia leaving missed opportunities to leverage investment, recruit and retain talent, and drive economic growth for the state. “Given the speed of change in the advanced analytics space, we wanted [...]

Data and healthcare executive Darshan Shah joins BioCrossroads as Senior Vice President / Chief Data Officer

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Darshan Shah, senior vice president and chief data officer, BioCrossroads INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 6, 2020) – BioCrossroads announces that accomplished data and healthcare leader Darshan Shah has joined the organization as senior vice president/chief data officer. Shah brings the organization two decades of proven success in strategically guiding healthcare and life sciences organizations in a variety of functions including operations, finance, quality, engineering and sales. He joins BioCrossroads after serving as chief data officer for the State of Indiana and executive director of the Management and Performance Hub (MPH). As a result of his vision and leadership, MPH is a national leader in transforming state government through the use of data and analytics. “The life sciences sector is driven by data and analytics. Darshan has a deep understanding and passion for finding data-informed solutions that will be invaluable to [...]

IIB Perspectives: Life Sciences Sector Toasts a Successful 2019

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Inside INdiana Business Perspectives by Patty Martin, president and CEO, BioCrossroads For us, 2019 has been filled with remarkable cross-organizational innovation, an inspiring 16th Annual Life Sciences Summit, and the launch of three exciting initiatives--the INscience news app, the DataX Bio-Innovation Challenge and the AXIS Mentoring program. In addition, we continue to fuel the life sciences entrepreneurial ecosystem as our Indiana Seed Fund III has made investments in six startup companies, including Lumavate, Sabanto, Brickell Biotech and Sexton Biotechnologies, bringing the total to eight since its inception. [READ MORE] (Sources: Inside INdiana Business, BioCrossroads)

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