Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation grants BioCrossroads funding to advance collaborative and educational life sciences initiatives

2021-04-05T16:47:42-04:00October 29, 2020|

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 29, 2020) --  BioCrossroads announced today that the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation has made a grant of $1.35 million to the organization to continue to advance the strength and opportunities of several collaborative and educational initiatives within Indiana’s life sciences sector. The Fairbanks Foundation is an Indianapolis-based, independent, private foundation focused on the education, health and the vitality of the Indianapolis community. “The life sciences sector is a key driver of Indiana’s economy, accounting for 20% of the state’s GDP. BioCrossroads plays a critical role helping to create an environment in which this sector can flourish,” said Claire Fiddian-Green, president and CEO of the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation. “We are pleased to provide continued support for the organization and its key initiatives.” The two-year grant enables BioCrossroads to continue to advance Indiana’s vitality in the life sciences via [...]

Indiana’s premier drug development and manufacturing sector adds another company to its ecosystem

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INCOG BioPharma Services, Inc. announced plans to build new facility in Fishers, Ind., add 150 new jobs INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 15, 2020) - Indiana is one of the premier contract drug development and manufacturing centers in the United States. These pharmaceutical contract service providers support the growing outsourcing needs of both large pharmaceutical and smaller biotechnology companies. Nearly 40 contract research and manufacturing organizations employ more than 7,000 workers throughout the state. Companies like Covance Central Labs (Indianapolis), Catalent Biologics (Bloomington) and B2S Life Sciences (Franklin) provide pre-clinical testing, toxicology, product manufacturing and other support to pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies would not be able to discover, develop and distribute their products without these important partners. This week, INCOG BioPharma announced that they are forming a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing company in Fishers, Ind. Formed by an experienced management team, [...]

Developer of Echocardiography Dr. Harvey Feigenbaum honored as BioCrossroads 2020 Life Sciences Champion of the Year

2021-04-05T16:47:43-04:00October 7, 2020|

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 7, 2020) — BioCrossroads’ Board of Directors named esteemed “Father of Echocardiography” (Echo) Dr. Harvey Feigenbaum, as the recipient of the 2020 August M. Watanabe Life Sciences Champion of the Year Award. The prestigious honor, named in tribute to BioCrossroads’ late Chairman August Watanabe, was given to Dr. Feigenbaum at today’s Indiana Life Sciences Summit for his unprecedented impact on cardiac health in Indiana and around the world. Dr. Feigenbaum is recognized for pioneering the Echo, the most widely used cardiac imaging technique in the world. Dr. Feigenbaum has made numerous contributions to the medical profession that include developing the world’s first practical, long lasting use of echocardiography, the use of ultrasound to examine the heart, in 1965. He fought and overcame many years of skepticism by training many early world-wide pioneers in echocardiography and the first cardiac sonographer. [...]

BioCrossroads publishes directory of Indiana health and life sciences data organizations

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INDIANAPOLIS (July 7, 2020) – Indiana’s industry, government, health systems, academia, and digital health startups have tremendous data and technology resources which are driving transformative healthcare and life sciences work locally and globally. To capture all of those assets in a one-stop spot, BioCrossroads today published its Book of Data and Organizations, a directory of Indiana enterprises in the health-data intersection. The directory includes snapshots of ten organizations who control data assets – data sets, data talent, and/or data technology. The organization profiles answer: Who has what data? How can this data be accessed? Where does the data analysis talent reside? What data technologies and capabilities exist? What are the key projects currently in process? What are the future projects and opportunities for engagement? “Indiana has valuable and innovative life sciences and healthcare data initiatives and organizations that we’re highlighting through this [...]

Indiana’s life sciences industry ranks among the top 10 in national report

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INDIANAPOLIS (June 9, 2020) – Seven Indiana cities are recognized for their national life science strengths, according to Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and TEConomy Partners’ biennial survey of the U.S. life sciences industry released today. Bloomington, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Michigan City, South Bend and Terre Haute are identified in the report as having significant life sciences activity. Lafayette is one of only seven cities in the U.S to have employment specializations in four of the five industry subsectors. Bloomington and Indianapolis have employment specializations in three of the five industry subsectors (two of only 23 cities in the U.S. with that distinction). The report, The Bioscience Economy: Propelling Life-Saving Treatments, Supporting State & Local Communities, measures growth in the bioscience sector (Agricultural Feedstock and Chemicals, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Research, Testing and Medical Laboratories and Bioscience-related Distribution) from [...]

$9.1 billion of capital accessed by Indiana life sciences companies in 2019

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INDIANAPOLIS (April 22, 2020) – BioCrossroads today released a new report which details the sources and amounts of capital supporting Indiana’s life sciences sector in 2019. An impressive $9.1 billion in capital was accessed by Indiana life sciences companies in 2019: $8.6 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants were awarded to 21 companies; $177 million in venture capital was invested in 37 companies; $178.7 million was accessed through public markets by two companies; and, More than $8.7 billion was spent to acquire innovation, representing eight transactions. Indiana’s life sciences companies raised over $360 million, excluding the significant funding represented by mergers and acquisitions, in 2019.  These funds support innovation to discover and develop new therapies for diseases. “Having access to multiple capital investment vehicles fuels Indiana’s diverse and vibrant life sciences industry, which adds to the strength of the [...]

BioCrossroads launches 2019 Annual Report

2021-04-05T16:47:43-04:00April 14, 2020|

Indiana’s life sciences industry keeps evolving, expanding and making new discoveries. The 2019 BioCrossroads Annual Report outlines how companies made acquisitions and invested in their local operations; new organizations opened facilities in Indiana, bringing innovation and hundreds of new jobs to the landscape; and start-ups received venture funding to move their products forward. The result is a vibrant and growing Indiana life sciences sector that is 2,157 companies and 56,575 people strong. [READ MORE]

Indiana Life Sciences Sector Leading Charge to Defeat COVID-19

2021-01-12T16:51:37-05:00March 31, 2020|

Inside Indiana Business Perspectives by Patty Martin, president and CEO, BioCrossroads It’s a familiar saying that trying times bring out the best in people. These are those trying times. Indiana is indeed fortunate to have such a thriving life sciences sector (2,100 companies with 56,000 employees) at this moment in history. These are companies and people uniquely trained by their profession and experience to throw punches at COVID-19. Since the start of this fight, there has been no shortage of Hoosier life sciences firms willing to jump in the ring and start swinging. [READ MORE]

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