Indiana’s Battery Innovation Center to become first commercial testing facility for certification of new energy grid language

2021-04-05T16:50:15-04:00March 25, 2019|

The Battery Innovation Center was started by CICP energy technology initiative Energy Systems Network. INDIANAPOLIS (March 25, 2019) The Battery Innovation Center (BIC), a testing and evaluation lab for energy storage systems in southern Indiana, has announced its commitment in becoming the first commercially accredited test laboratory for grid devices, systems, and applications to certify interoperability conformance to the Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) framework standard. The OpenFMB interoperability framework is a standard ratified in 2016 by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).  It enables traditional grid-edge operational assets and distributed energy resources – such as solar photovoltaics, energy storage systems, and microgrids – to quickly and securely communicate with each other in the field regardless of each device’s local communications protocols. This interoperability framework will help the energy grid operate more efficiently – delivering better performance to customers [...]