New study shows Indiana as emerging agtech innovation hub

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AgriNovus Indiana-commissioned study identifies opportunity to unite state's strengths in agbioscience, tech  INDIANAPOLIS — AgriNovus Indiana, an initiative to grow the state’s agbioscience economy, released new research today showing Indiana as an emerging hub for agtech innovation due to its strengths in agriculture and technology. Conducted by TEConomy Partners, the study entitled The Intersection of Agbioscience and Tech, identified the growth of tech-related positions across the broader Indiana economy and in agbioscience, including identifying the occupations contributing to the growth. “The agbioscience economy is the only economy in the world that touches every person on the planet given it centers on food,” said Mitch Frazier, president and CEO of AgriNovus Indiana. “Given Indiana’s strength in agbioscience and its history of success in technology, significant opportunity exists to further unite these two industries to build the next chapter of Indiana’s economy.” [...]

AgriNovus Indiana releases comprehensive assessment of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the Indiana agbiosciences

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INDIANAPOLIS (April 11, 2019) — AgriNovus Indiana today released a study providing an extensive assessment of the Indiana agbiosciences entrepreneurial ecosystem. AgriNovus commissioned the study to better understand the environment needed for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive in Indiana. Entrepreneurial ventures have been found to be key drivers of new technology and also job creation. The study found that in order for Indiana to be the home to unparalleled agbioscience talent and innovation, a robust entrepreneurial community, culture and infrastructure is needed. “Indiana has succeeded in developing a strong ‘entrepreneur-friendly’ business environment by providing support tools and creating effective networks throughout the state,” said Beth Bechdol, president and CEO of AgriNovus Indiana. “This study provides us and our statewide partners with a fair evaluation of our current entrepreneurial ecosystem and support systems. More importantly, it also gives us a roadmap [...]

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