Elevance Health, Shipt, AT&T and TechPoint collaborate with AgriNovus Indiana to combat hunger with innovation

2023-05-15T08:49:51-04:00May 15, 2023|

INDIANAPOLIS (May 15, 2023) — AgriNovus Indiana, an initiative to grow the state’s agbioscience economy, announced today that Elevance Health, Shipt, AT&T and TechPoint will support the 2023 HungerTech Innovation Challenge – a four-week accelerator to create tech-enabled businesses that connect food-insecure populations to for-profit and not-for-profit food networks. Presented by Elevance Health, 18 teams are competing in this year’s challenge that will award the winning team $25,000 and the second place team $5,000 to accelerate commercialization of their solution. The runner-up prize is co-sponsored by AT&T and TechPoint, a first for both organizations. “Harnessing the power of innovation to transform how we connect food supply to food demand holds tremendous opportunity to serve those in need,” said Mitch Frazier, president and CEO of AgriNovus Indiana. “Thanks to the support of our sponsors, AgriNovus is able to not only inspire [...]

New research unveils areas ripe for innovation to eliminate food insecurity

2023-04-06T08:31:24-04:00April 5, 2023|

INDIANAPOLIS (April 5, 2023) — AgriNovus Indiana, an initiative to grow the state’s agbioscience economy, released new research today identifying the need for new technologies to drive connectivity between food access and populations experiencing food insecurity. Conducted by the Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability at Purdue University, the study entitled Tackling and Solving Food Insecurity with Private Sector Innovations, identified factors contributing to food insecurity, populations most widely affected and recommendations for private sector innovation to help hungry populations. “Combatting food insecurity requires a portfolio of solutions, and it’s clear that innovation presents tremendous opportunity to unlock new ability to better connect food supply with food demand,” said Mitch Frazier, president and CEO of AgriNovus Indiana. The research shows food insecurity in Indiana rose from 9.4 percent in May 2020 to 13.4 percent in December 2022, all at [...]

AgriNovus Indiana names executive committee, welcomes new directors

2023-03-29T08:31:06-04:00March 28, 2023|

INDIANAPOLIS (March 28, 2022) — AgriNovus Indiana, a nonprofit coalition focused on growing Indiana’s agbioscience economy, announced today its 2023 executive committee along with additions to its board of directors. Led by AgriNovus board of directors Chair and Ag Alumni Seed CEO, Jay Hulbert, and Vice-Chair and Executive Vice President of Research at Purdue University, Karen Plaut, the following are members of the executive committee: Latoya Botteron – president and chief financial officer, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Sherilyn Emberton – president, Huntington University Mitch Frazier – president and chief executive officer, AgriNovus Indiana Aaron Schacht – chief executive officer, BiomEdit Wes Sprinkle – chief executive officer, Farmers Insurance Trent Torrance – chief operating officer, United Animal Health Jim Wispinski – vice president of global portfolios, Corteva Agriscience The board unanimously approved the addition of Phil Brewer, chief strategy officer at [...]

PODCAST: Seeing what’s ahead before it comes, a conversation with CICP CEO Melina Kennedy

2023-03-24T10:39:30-04:00March 24, 2023|

PODCAST: Melina Kennedy, CEO of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP), joins our agbiosciences’ initiative AgriNovus Indiana and President and CEO Mitch Frazier to talk about how progress in our economy requires working across all industry sectors to find common themes and confront challenges. She talks about the uniqueness of CICP as an organization, serving the community in an impactful way and being a proponent for innovation. How does Indiana continue to grow and what is the role of agbioscience in that story? Kennedy also talks about refusing to sit still, looking up and out and seeing what’s ahead before it comes. [LISTEN]

IIB: Study: Growth in Indiana Agbioscience Sector Exceeding Goals

2023-03-16T07:51:32-04:00March 16, 2023|

In a recent Inside INdiana Business interview, AgriNovus Indiana President and CEO Mitch Frazier outlined the results of a new study that shows Indiana's agbioscience economy grew $6 billion from 2018-2021, bringing its direct annual impact to $58 billion. Frazier said the growth is "extraordinary, historic, by definition." Frazier said the sector saw growth despite strong headwinds, stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and global supply chain issues. [READ MORE AND LISTEN] Access the full AgriNovus Indiana report: Innovative Agbioscience in Indiana: 2022 Assessment (Sources: Inside INdiana Business, AgriNovus Indiana)

New study finds Indiana’s agbioscience economy posted record growth since 2018, now topping $58 billion

2023-03-15T09:20:53-04:00March 15, 2023|

INDIANAPOLIS (March 15, 2023) — AgriNovus Indiana, an initiative to grow the state’s agbioscience economy, released new research today that found Indiana’s agbioscience sector directly contributes more than $58 billion to Indiana’s economy – an increase of more than $6 billion since 2018. Conducted by TEConomy Partners, the study entitled Innovative Agbioscience in Indiana: 2022 Assessment, identified that the growth across Indiana’s agbioscience economy since 2018 marked the fastest-growing time for the industry since measurements to quantify it began in 2012. “The agbioscience economy is the only economy in the world that touches every person on the planet given it centers on food,” said Mitch Frazier, president and CEO of AgriNovus Indiana. “The growth this research identifies represents the tremendous gains Indiana’s agbioscience innovators are advancing to meet global demand across food, animal health, plant science and agtech.” According to [...]

AgriNovus Indiana names winner of Producer-Led Innovation Challenge, awards $25,000 to advance agtech  

2022-12-14T09:13:03-05:00December 14, 2022|

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 14, 2022) — AgriNovus Indiana, a non-profit coalition focused on growing the agbioscience economy, announced that Aker Technologies from Effingham, Ill. has won the AgriNovus Producer-Led Innovation Challenge, earning the agtech company $25,000 to accelerate development of its software. Presented and defined by the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance, the Producer-Led Innovation Challenge asked innovators to create a tech solution to improve on-farm data accuracy that could lead to reducing the cost of operating capital and improving net farm income. “Working with producers and many across the industry, it’s clear that conquering the complexity of on-farm data while providing a potential path to lower cost of operating capital is an unmet challenge in today’s agtech economy,” said Mitch Frazier, president and CEO of AgriNovus Indiana. “Aker’s unique approach to tackling this challenge provides an interesting [...]

AgriNovus Indiana PODCAST: CICP CEO David L. Johnson reflects on a successful career and an impact on Indiana

2022-12-05T10:07:15-05:00December 5, 2022|

Join AgriNovus Indiana CEO Mitch Frazier in this week’s podcast as he sits down with CICP's CEO David L. Johnson to reflect on Johnson's decades of service to Indiana as he prepares to retire. The two look back at Johnson's career path that took him from Harvard to Oxford to Capitol Hill and beyond. Johnson also shares his insights on where he thinks Indiana is headed. [READ MORE]

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