AgriNovus Indiana leads students on farm tours as part of Field Atlas.

Photo Courtesy: AgriNovus Indiana

AgriNovus Indiana, CICP’s agbiosciences initiative, was recently featured in Hoosier Ag Today for its Field Atlas platform that helps build awareness of the agbiosciences industry and connects students with careers and on-farm experiences.

As part of the program, AgriNovus provides on-site tours for college students to introduce them to some of the agriculture companies in Indiana. Recently, the initiative led a group of 12 college students from universities in Indiana to Fair Oaks Farms in northwest Indiana and led a farm tour at Solinftec in West Lafayette, Ind.

One of the students on the tour found a spark that now has her focused on a life in agriculture here in Indiana.

“There is a hidden world literally under here. I can say I was one of the people who thought there was not much to agriculture or just the hard work that goes behind it,” said Rilynne Puckett, a junior at Ball State University. “But after taking the tour today, I see there’s a whole family and it’s a family that is looking to grow and is breeding creativity and innovation. There is so much room. I can see it. I can see the vision of agriculture growing and even how other people, if your major interest isn’t in agriculture, there is a place for you here. That has been emphasized, and it is honestly comforting. As a chemistry major, you think there’s nothing here for me, but there is. There’s a spot for everyone here and I love it.”


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