Indiana helps expand youth apprenticeships statewide with new national funding partnership

2021-08-04T10:30:15-04:00June 3, 2021|

INDIANAPOLIS (June 3, 2021) – Ascend Indiana is expanding its efforts to provide high school students with new high-quality college and career apprenticeship pathways that impart the foundational skills, experiences, social capital and credentials they need to thrive in a rapidly changing economy. Ascend Indiana, the talent and workforce development initiative of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP), is spearheading a coordinated effort of statewide leaders to guide the expansion of youth apprenticeships in Indiana. To advance these efforts, Ascend has received $1 million in support from Bloomberg Philanthropies – part of a $2 million statewide investment through the Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship (PAYA) – to support state and local partners across Indiana. This investment will strengthen and grow the regions in Indiana working to launch and scale youth apprenticeship programs that meet the needs of both Indiana youth [...]