TechPoint prioritizes adult apprenticeships in tech with nationally recognized partner New Apprenticeship to dramatically expand workforce

2022-10-11T09:12:29-04:00October 11, 2022|

INDIANAPOLIS (October 11, 2022) — TechPoint, the nonprofit, industry-led growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, today announced a strategic partnership with New Apprenticeship TM (NEW), another key element of its Mission41K plan to inclusively grow the Indiana tech workforce by an additional 41,000 workers by 2030. Apprenticeships are a proven way to encourage youth to join the tech sector, and a quick way for adults to enter the field while also providing an immediate return on investment to employers. TechPoint Executive Vice President of Talent Dennis Trinkle, citing U.S. Department of Labor statistics, said there are more than 435,000 adults working today in the U.S. as adult apprentices. Only about 4,000 of them are in the tech field, he said. “We know this approach works, but the tech sector is only now beginning to embrace it,” he said. “Now is [...]