New BioCrossroads report highlights significant impact of healthcare and life sciences sector in Indiana

2022-06-15T10:54:04-04:00June 15, 2022|

INDIANAPOLIS (June 15, 2022) –Indiana’s healthcare and life sciences sector has a $150 billion annual economic impact; directly employs one in every ten jobs in the state (more than 383,000 people); and has a substantial presence in the corporate and university sectors, according to a new report. The study from TEConomy Partners, ESSENTIAL: The impact of healthcare and life sciences sector in Indiana, examined the influence of decades of investments in the state as well as how the sector provides benefits to Indiana’s other industries such as manufacturing, technology and retail. The report discusses not only the economic measures of capital expenditures, wages and jobs, but also analyzes the non-traditional impacts such as access to healthcare and its influence on economic development. It also points out that the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem is larger than traditional research and development, [...]