Chalkbeat: Reported Graduation Rates for Indiana Schools Could Dip After Change in State Law

2023-07-28T15:16:40-04:00June 6, 2023|

A recent article in Chalkbeat by Amelia Pak-Harvey outlines how schools across Indiana could see a dip in their reported graduation rates after a change to state law requiring districts to limit the portion of students who graduate with waivers from the calculation. The changes could have a large effect on publicized graduation rates, which are often used as a measure of success for school leaders and can be a key metric parents use to determine the quality of their child’s education. “My hope is that greater transparency into the number of students who are graduating from high school with a high school diploma will lead to productive dialogue between parents, school principals, school superintendents, policymakers and others to improve not only our high school school graduation rate, but the number of students that are entering into postsecondary education,” said [...]