Central Indiana Corporate Partnership named a Good Wages Initiative certified employer of choice

2022-06-16T09:23:08-04:00June 16, 2022|

INDIANAPOLIS (June 16, 2022)- The Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP) has been named a Certified Good Wages Initiative Indianapolis employer of choice. Overseen by EmployIndy, the Good Wages Initiative (GWI) recognizes employers who pay a sustainable wage of at least $18 per hour and offer health benefits to full-time employees. “Paying good wages and providing employer-sponsored health insurance provides businesses with critical advantages in today’s labor market, from reductions in turnover to increased productivity,” says Marie Mackintosh, EmployIndy’s chief strategy officer. “Employees experience reduced financial stress and improved health outcomes while the community benefits through increased buying power and overall job growth. Good Wages Initiative partner employers set themselves apart by publicly stating their commitment to ensuring Indianapolis has a vibrant economy that is good for businesses, good for workers, and good for the community.” In 2018, the Brookings Institution [...]

EmployIndy Launches Marion County’s Good Wages Initiative Based on CICP Report

2022-04-25T13:37:37-04:00April 25, 2022|

EmployIndy has publicly launched the Good Wages Initiative (GWI) in Marion County which certifies, celebrates, and showcases Marion County employers that have voluntarily committed to providing full-time employees both a wage of at least $18/hour and access to employer-sponsored health insurance benefits. In 2018, the Brookings Institution partnered with the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership to produce a report examining Central Indiana’s economic future. Advancing Opportunity in Central Indiana outlines numerous ways the area can develop strategies to increase the availability of more good and promising jobs that pay living wages. Their research determined that  $18/hour, paired with employer-sponsored health insurance, is the general living wage for the Indianapolis area (the number of working and non-working individuals in a household, along with other factors not considered, affect the standard of living for household members).  “Paying good wages and providing employer-sponsored health insurance gives businesses critical advantages in today’s labor market, from reductions in [...]

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