Investments in Indiana tech companies increased by triple digits in 2019

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INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 14, 2020) – Indiana’s tech ecosystem ended 2019 with one of the best years in the history of the state, with total 2019 venture capital (VC) and other types of funding investments, increasing 260 percent over 2018, according to TechPoint, Indiana’s non-profit tech growth accelerator, which tracked the economic information via publicly available announcements. In 2019, 62 Indiana tech companies publicly announced VC investments, grant funding, M&A deals, private equity and debt financing for total investments of more than $358 million. According to the data, 2019’s fourth quarter included 12 VC raises and three grants for more than $151 million (at least two shared investments did not include dollar amounts raised). The fourth quarter total was higher than all four quarters of investment combined in 2018. Additionally, TechPoint tracked 33 mergers and acquisitions within the tech sector in 2019. [...]