Funding Networked Governance article praises CICP for its “secret sauce”

2022-02-10T16:23:19-05:00February 4, 2022|

Four years ago in the book, The New Localism, Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak held up CICP as a leading global example of a new 21st century form of “networked governance,” bringing together a wide range of executive leadership across industry, academia and philanthropy into a structured collaboration with one another and with public leaders to advance the regional economy. That praise continues in a new article called “Funding Networked Governance” by Bruce Katz and Colin Higgins, which again highlights CICP’s “secret sauce” in bringing structure to the practice of collaboration. Excerpt: "CICP’s secret sauce: bringing structure to the practice of collaboration. CICP’s Board of Directors consists of dozens of principals from corporations, philanthropies and universities. These CEOs meet not only to discuss—they convene to decide. Multi-sectoral collaboration is treated as a serious business that advances the broader prosperity of the city [...]