Roll Up Your Sleeve to Save Lives  – Indiana is in Critical Need of Blood Donations

2022-02-02T08:21:13-05:00February 1, 2022|

Indiana, along with many other states, is facing a desperate shortage of blood. The American Red Cross which accounts for 40% of the nation’s total blood supply has declared a blood crisis citing the worst shortage in over a decade. Versiti Blood Center of Indiana is pleading for blood donations saying it currently has less than a one-day supply. The shortage poses significant risk to patient care as doctors are forced to make difficult decisions about who receives blood and who must wait. Surgeries are being postponed, delaying important and life-saving medical procedures for people who need them. Please roll up your sleeve to give someone the lifesaving gift of blood and ensure people receive the care they need. Give blood or platelets as soon as possible. According to the American Red Cross, you can donate blood every 56 days, [...]