BioCrossroads releases 2021 annual report

2022-03-28T09:34:42-04:00March 28, 2022|

In addition to global health contributions through medical innovations such as the manufacturing of three COVID-19 vaccines, Indiana’s vibrant and unique life sciences industry continues to make a significant impact on the state through its economic strength, contributing more than $79 billion in 2021. In 2021, BioCrossroads focused on collaborations among industry, academic, government and philanthropy; building the entrepreneurial ecosystem through seed investments; and establishing unique sector assets, such as sector-focused educational and market knowledge reports and analysis. In addition, a partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation resulted in world-class companies expanding and building new facilities in the state to take advantage of life sciences assets. Talent also remains central to growth in Indiana’s life sciences sector, and BioCrossroads is highlighting young talent and growing companies through the Career TraX project. [READ ANNUAL REPORT]