Over the past year, the global pandemic has challenged us in ways that we did not think possible. For Black people and other communities of color, those challenges have been heightened by preexisting racial disparities and inequities. For others, these compounding issues have created a call for meaningful action and immediate progress toward racial equity. Businesses are stepping up with a strengthened commitment to make concrete changes to the way they do business in an effort to advance racial equity around our region.

The Business Equity for Indy (BEI) initiative, a joint venture between the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP) and the Indy Chamber in collaboration with the Indianapolis Urban League, was formed in response to these calls for action. The initiative is now looking to brand its work and over the past several months has conducted the “Beyond the Logo” contest. BEI invited Black creatives and other communities of color to develop a logo that visually reflects the emotion and effort needed to advance racial equity and justice in the city.

BEI received more than 20 fantastic submissions that embodied equity and justice and it has selected its top 3 picks.

  • 1st place ($2,500) and the chosen logo for BEI – Matt Filer with Invictus Designs
  • 2nd place ($1,000) – Von Watts with 8393 Creative
  • 3rd place ($500) – Autumn Martin with Glambeau Designs

The winning logo will be unveiled at a kickoff event later this year.