BioCrossroads new research, A Strategic Roadmap for Advancing Indiana’s Life Sciences Industries, was conducted in collaboration with TEConomy Partners.

The study focuses on four pivotal areas designed to establish Indiana as the leading state for advancing innovations into products that improve health and well-being.

  • Fostering research and development and innovation
  • Enhancing the state’s life sciences manufacturing ecosystem
  • Boosting Indiana’s life sciences talent and workforce
  • Supporting connections and outreach across the sector

This comprehensive strategy marks a new chapter in Indiana’s journey toward becoming a global epicenter of life sciences innovation, providing a clear roadmap for integrating advanced research, a skilled workforce, and a robust manufacturing ecosystem and ensures continued support for sustainable statewide development—fostering an environment where research and manufacturing don’t just coexist but thrive.

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BioCrossroads unveils A Strategic Roadmap for Advancing Indiana's Life Sciences Industries study