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Navigating Career Growth and Networking in Indiana’s Tech Ecosystem with Milan Ball

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Navigating Career Growth and Networking in Indiana's Tech Ecosystem with Milan Ball


In this episode, host Casey Harrison sits down with Milan Ball, the Director of Development and Marketing at Be Nimble Foundation. Milan shares her fascinating journey, from her background in fashion design to her transition into the tech industry. She discusses the thriving tech ecosystem in Indiana, the support Be Nimble offers to underrepresented founders and offers valuable insights on networking and getting involved in the Indianapolis community.

Key Takeaways:

1 - Diverse Opportunities in Indiana: Milan discusses how she found a thriving tech industry in Indiana that offers diverse opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals.

2 - The Role of Be Nimble Foundation: Milan explains how Be Nimble Foundation accelerates diversity and inclusion initiatives in technology and supports underrepresented founders.

3 - Networking and Community Engagement: Milan encourages listeners to attend events, join organizations, and connect to the Indianapolis community.

4 - Leveraging Resources: Milan highlights the abundance of resources, organizations, and support available for those looking to grow their careers in Indiana.

5 - Building Lasting Relationships: Milan shares her personal experiences of building strong friendships and professional connections in the Midwest, emphasizing the welcoming and supportive nature of the community.

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