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Exploring Indiana’s Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics with Ryan Henderson from Conexus Indiana

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Exploring Indiana's Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics with Ryan Henderson from Conexus Indiana

Show notes:

In this episode, host Casey Harrison talks with Ryan Henderson, the Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Conexus Indiana. They delve into the significance of Indiana's advanced manufacturing and logistics industries, shedding light on the diverse career opportunities within these sectors. From networking tips to the impact of these industries on the state's economy, this conversation uncovers the untapped potential of advanced industries in Indiana.

Key Takeaways:

1 - Indiana's Economic Backbone: Indiana boasts a robust manufacturing and logistics sector, with one in five Hoosiers employed in advanced manufacturing and logistics, contributing significantly to the state's GDP.

2 - Diverse Career Pathways: While traditional roles in manufacturing and logistics are well-known, there are also opportunities in IT, data analytics, human resources, supply chain, and finance, making it a diverse field with various entry points.
3 - Networking Matters: Building and maintaining a strong network is crucial for finding career opportunities in these industries. Platforms like LinkedIn can be valuable tools for networking.

4 - Manufacturing Supports Innovation: Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in supporting innovation in sectors like life sciences, agbiosciences, and technology. New products often require advanced manufacturing capabilities.

5 - Logistics Powerhouse: Indiana's logistics sector is equally vital, with key players like the FedEx hub and third-party logistics providers ensuring efficient supply chains for manufacturers.

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