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Cultivating a Tech Career in Indiana with Scott Dorsey

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Cultivating a Tech Career in Indiana with Scott Dorsey

In this episode of See Yourself IN, host Casey Harrison talks with Scott Dorsey, managing partner at High Alpha. Scott discusses his entrepreneurial journey, his passion for the tech industry, and the importance of fostering a thriving tech community in Indiana. He highlights transferable skills that are valuable in tech careers and offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

5 Key Takeaways:

Indiana's tech industry offers a wealth of opportunities beyond coding, with roles in areas like finance, human resources, and customer service.

Develop a growth mindset and seek out opportunities to learn and challenge yourself early in your career.

Look for companies in growing industries to maximize your potential and learning.

Embrace a "yes" mentality and actively seek out growth opportunities in companies positioned for the future.

High Alpha is a great resource for exploring careers in Indiana's tech industry. They offer job postings across their 75 portfolio companies and support aspiring entrepreneurs.

For more resources on the jobs, companies, and opportunities in Indiana, visit https://www.cicpindiana.com/syi.

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