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Purpose, Passion, and Personal Branding with Kristen Lampkin

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Purpose, Passion, and Personal Branding with Kristen Lampkin

In this episode of See Yourself IN, host Casey Harrison sits down with Kristen Lampkin, Director of Business Equity for Indy. Lampkin shares her journey from her high school aspirations of being a news anchor to founding her own companies, HR Guru, and co-founder of Black HR in Indy. Kristen talks about her journey of discovery and evolution towards her passion for people and advocacy of equity in business. Through networking, exploration, and dedication to her values, Lampkin showcases the importance of personal branding, transferable skills, and creating opportunities in one's career.

5 Key Takeaways:

Exploring Career Paths: Kristen emphasizes the significance of exploring different career paths and gaining diverse experiences to discover one's true passions and strengths. 

Transferable Skills: Kristen highlights the value of transferable skills acquired from various experiences, showing that skills learned in one role or industry can be applied effectively in others.

Creating Opportunities: Kristen’s journey underscores the importance of creating opportunities where they may not yet exist, whether through founding businesses or initiating community initiatives.

Personal Branding: Kristen discusses the concept of personal branding, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's values and presenting oneself authentically in professional settings.

Equity and Impact: Kristen’s work in HR and equity showcases the power of making a meaningful impact in one's community and industry, advocating for diversity, inclusion, and economic opportunities for all.

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