TechPoint announces 2018 board and membership

August 14, 2018

TechPoint, Indiana’s non-profit, industry-led tech accelerator, is launching its new board structure that expands to include TechPoint’s Class of 2018 member companies and universities, a total of 80 organizations.

Each TechPoint member company is offered one seat on TechPoint’s advisory board, reserved for the CEO or executive.

“Our goal for restructuring and increasing our board participation is two-fold. TechPoint’s membership comprises the top tech, tech-enabled, and scale-up stage companies in the region and around the state, and the execs of those companies want to build relationships with each other. These companies also need access to our talent, capital, customers and promotional resources, and we want their input to shape our own programs and initiatives,” said Mike Langellier, TechPoint president and CEO. [READ FULL STORY ON TECHPOINT.ORG]