In an effort to let our community know about the tremendous resources and assistance that our corporate and civic organizations are coordinating in this time of uncertainty and need, the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership has put together a listing of these efforts.

Langham Logistics helps with COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Wall Street Journal: How Eli Lilly developed a COVID drug in the pandemic’s long shadow

Lilly antibody treatment gets FDA emergency use authorization

Lilly gets encouraging results from antibody that could neutralize COVID-19, reduce hospitalizations

Lilly rheumatoid arthritis drug may shorten COVID-19 recovery time

Purdue team works to extend life of N95 masks

IU looking for volunteers in COVID-19 immunity study

Lilly begins second COVID-19 antibody study

Lilly begins first human trials of COVID-19 antibody treatment

IU launches statewide COVID-19 immunity study

Roche antibody testing continues expansion

Purdue partners with Microsoft to better understand COVID-19 impact on research

Purdue’s Bindley Bioscience Center working with India company on COVID research

State health department announces drive-thru testing clinics

Lilly teams with Gilead for potential COVID-19 treatment

Roche’s antibody test gets FDA emergency use authorization

IU creates healthcare app to track COVID

Bloomington tapped for COVID-19 vaccine manufacture

IU School of Medicine launches study to determine number of asymptomatic people with COVID-19

IU and IU Health collaborate in fight against COVID-19

State health department, IUPUI partner on COVID-19 study

County health department, city expand COVID-19 testing in Marion County

State health department announces four new COVID-19 drive-thru clinics

IU & Regenstrief Institute launching COVID-19 survey

Lilly to study use of arthritis drug to treat COVID-19

More drive-through COVID-19 testing sites launch

Versiti Blood Center of Indiana seeking plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients

Notre Dame using 3D printing to make PPE

Indianapolis company hc1 creates tool to track COVID-19

Lilly begins COVID-19 study on people who are asymptomatic

Indiana CTSI partners with state agencies, researchers to evaluate, inform Indiana COVID-19 practices, programs and policies

Social distancing campaign adds to Lilly’s COVID-19 efforts

Butler adds computer power to COVID-19 research

Purdue researchers joined the coronavirus fight early on – 30 research projects launched, 20 more in the wings

IUPUI, IU School of Medicine and IU Health research collaboration developing real-time COVID-19 test

University of Notre Dame researcher developing more accurate virus testing

IU faculty engaged in array of research relevant to COVID-19

IU Health virtual clinic offers free coronavirus screening

Indiana University working to protect community – monitoring rapidly changing COVID-19 situation

Lilly and other life sciences companies work alongside Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fight COVID-19

Inside Indiana Business INsiders looks at Roche Diagnostics’ huge role in COVID-19 testing

Lilly seeing ‘phenomenally positive’ response to drive-thru testing

Roche sending out third batch of 400,000 test kits

Indiana Health Information Exchange using data to stem COVID-19 outbreak

Notre Dame researchers studying spread of COVID-19

IU Health will start confirmation testing for COVID-19

Purdue University research teams developing portable paper coronavirus test

Lilly expands drive-thru testing to first responders

Lilly to begin drive-thru coronavirus testing for health care workers

Lilly partnering with AbCellera to develop vaccine

Lilly partners with Indiana State Department of Health to accelerate COVID-19 testing

Roche Diagnostics shipping COVID-19 test kits

Regenstrief Institute develops unique codes to track spread of COVID-19

Butler University research teams study respiratory viruses