Innovative Agbioscience in Indiana: 2020 Assessment

November 12, 2020

AgriNovus Indiana, an initiative focused on growing Indiana’s agbioscience economy, has released a comprehensive study that found the sector directly contributes more than $39 billion to the state’s economy.

Conducted by TEConomy Partners, the study, Innovative Agbioscience in Indiana: 2020 Assessment, identified more than six percent growth in the industry from 2012 to 2018, with an average wage of $51,825, more than eight percent higher than the statewide average.


The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Agbiosciences in Indiana

April 11, 2019

AgriNovus Indiana has released a study providing an extensive assessment of the Indiana agbiosciences entrepreneurial ecosystem. AgriNovus commissioned the study to better understand the environment needed for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive in Indiana.

Entrepreneurial ventures have been found to be key drivers of new technology and also job creation. The study found that in order for Indiana to be the home to unparalleled agbioscience talent and innovation, a robust entrepreneurial community, culture and infrastructure is needed.


Indiana Agbiosciences: Ensuring a Sustainable Workforce for Our Future

October 27, 2016

Indiana’s vibrant agbiosciences industry is a significant economic driver to Indiana’s economy employing more than 75,000 individuals, many in higher wage jobs. In order to keep Indiana as an agbiosciences leader, there must be a robust talent pool with the right blend of skilled, educated and engaged individuals.

According to a new report from AgriNovus Indiana and TEConomy Partners, “Indiana Agbiosciences: Ensuring a Sustainable Workforce for Our Future”, the agbioscience industry has experienced job growth of over 22 percent since 2003, outpacing the rest of Indiana’s total private sector employment rate.


AgriNovus Indiana: Agbiosciences Innovation Sector Review

May 13, 2015

AgriNovus Indiana released the findings of a white paper series, “Agbiosciences Innovation Sector Review,” Through a partnership with Battelle Memorial Institute, AgriNovus developed this series of papers to further research the industry trends and developments in four key Indiana innovation sectors. [READ PRESS RELEASE]

(Source: AgriNovus Indiana, Battelle Memorial Institute)


Innovative Agbioscience in Indiana: A Baseline Assessment

November 5, 2014

Earlier this year, AgriNovus Indiana initiated a study for Indiana to examine and understand the State’s agbiosciences assets and to identify opportunities for future sector growth.  The report, published by AgriNovus Indiana and Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, better defines the agbiosciences sector in Indiana.

The report, Innovative Agbioscience in Indiana: A Baseline Assessment, examines the state of the agbioscience ecosystem in Indiana and provides a detailed evaluation of key food and agriculture innovation drivers for the State. The study specifically identified four key sectors of agbiosciences that have the greatest opportunity for economic growth in Indiana: Plant Science and Crop Protection; Animal Health (Veterinary) and Nutrition Products; Value-Added Human Food and Nutrition Products; and Agricultural Production Equipment, Processing Equipment and Precision Agricultural Systems.

According to the data, Indiana’s agbiosciences sector is an important contributor to the health of Indiana’s economy – providing approximately 68,000 high-wage jobs (not including farming), generating large numbers of patents and scientific publications, and investing significant resources in cutting-edge research.

(Source: AgriNovus Indiana, Battelle Technology Partnership Practice)