WIRED: Worried about robots taking your job? Learn spreadsheets

November 15, 2017

The Brookings Institution has released a new report “Digitalization of the American Workforce.” Brookings says in recent decades, the diffusion of digital technology into nearly every business and workplace, also known as “digitalization,” has been remaking the U.S. economy and the world of work. The “digitalization of everything” has at once increased the potential of individuals, firms, and society while also contributing to a series of troublesome impacts and inequalities, such as worker pay disparities across many demographics, and the divergence of metropolitan economic outcomes.

WIRED did an article about the report called “Worried about robots taking your job? Learn spreadsheets.” Jason Kloth, president and CEO of Ascend Indiana, the talent initiative for CICP, was interviewed for the article and talks about another big issue facing our workforce, supply and demand.

(Sources: Brookings Institution, WIRED)